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Phil (Hudu) Charnley is the guy that has placed Heywood on the map again.
He has designed and built the new track and here is a little snippet about the guy from his website.
You could also check his work on:-
Dirtworks BMX - introduction
Dirtworks is headed by former professional BMXer Phil Charnley, who has 30 years experience in the sport, having been around from day one. The past ten years of which have seen his involvement in track construction from play tracks and dirt jumps, to Regional Standard and National Standard tracks. Our tracks have often been used for rounds of the National Series and also the British Championships.
The right track
So many councils appoint inexperienced contractors with no experience of the sport and no idea of how to make a track fast, flowing, exciting and safe. All our tracks are constructed using Dolotrack surfacing and sub-base, making for a long lasting and weather resistant track. Dolotrack is widely recognised as the best available track surface in the UK and we have years of experience in how to lay it properly.
Our roots
BMX or Bicycle Motocross to give its full title, was born in the early 70s in California and has become a worldwide sport with many different disciplines.
The racing and dirt side of this is in a massive growth spurt – with racing making its debut at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing China.
Dirtworks founder Phil ‘Hudu’ Charnley has been in the sport since the late 70s when it first hit the UK and has raced right up to professional level. We have seen the ebbs and flows of the scene over the years and understand what works and what doesn't in construction from a hands-on perspective.

BMX is in the blood.
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